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Endless Online: Date; September 28th, 2206

Economy of Aeven was depleting everyday; all the players were losing their items, scrapping for food, and could barely pay their home debts. Animals were becoming extinct in the many lands of Endless, and it seemed everything was dying. Aeven and Anundo were becoming enemies fast, as the sources for food and electricity, were not being shared equally.


Endless Online: Date; August 6th, 2207

Vult-r has been assembling the remaining warriors and fighters and has started the beginning of an Army of Aeven.  In terms of Aeven's state and supply, direct orders are given to these special forces to invade Anundo. Anundo was in no term or time ready for such an attack... with such a strongly armed and planned force, Anundo was nearly destroyed. 


Aevenia: Date; March 9th, 2212

With Anundo completely destroyed and sacrificed, the forces of Aeven have supplied themselves to live for years, that is, until the people became greedy. Supplies were lowering fast, animal extinction rate was increasing faster than ever before. Vult-r had become a selfish ruler. He renamed the lands of Endless Online, to Aevenia. He rules alone, for he has betrayed the other admins and decided to take charge with a force no one could reckon with.


Aevenia: Date; June 11th, 2217

Years have gone by, with the disappearance of all admins other than Vult-r and Sakura, everything has become barren wastelands. Aevenia was now a communist government with complete control of the entire world. However, for years there have been plenty of others, who have joined and created a group of Rebels. Sakura was the leader of the Rebels, she had hardly escaped Vult-r's grasp in the ultimate bind of terror that destroy and vanquished the other admins and rulers. For now, theRebels were underground, and they would come to the surface to destroy the society once they are prepared. However, during the creation of underground, scientist labs were discovered in the sewers below Aevenia's surface. Nothing was mentioned of what was being created inside, but suspicions were it was not good news.


Rebel Underground: Date; February 29th, 2220

Sakura: "Are the Ultima's crafted?"

Rillac: "Almost done Sakura, we are having trouble with the resources that are left to us, but we are getting there i promise."

Sakura: "Just hurry, i do not know if the rumors are true of this advancement but we cannot take any chances sitting around!"

Sakura and Rillac were the heads of the Rebels, they leaded, guided, and even started it to begin with. They run this group with full intention of once again creating a world with life and without the control of such a ruler. Years have been developed, creating weapons, storing food, and living in such an environment for protection, but they all knew something was happening, from the day that they discovered the secret labs, something was going to happen. 

Sakura: "Are we finished yet? We cannot waste time, we need to start now!"

Rillac: "We are right behind you!"

 So begins... the attack to The Surface.  


 Aevenia: Date; April 4th, 2228

 The destruction and chaos that has been erupting for years is soon coming to a very fortunate end. The Rebels were leading to victory, years of preparation, suffering, and hard work had finally paid off. With Aevenia's forces slowly fading away like dust, Sakura spots a helicopter flying towards the Officials building.

Sakura: "Rillac! I'm moving undercover to the further side of the Officials building! You take over from here we will be victorious!"

Rillac: "You can count on me Sakura!"

When Sakura reached the Officials building, she easily fought her way to the top without a single scratch. When she reaches the top, she finds Vult-r in his attempt to escape, loading something she was not expecting to see... A Bomb.


Aevenia Surface: Date; April 4th, 2228

Rillac: "Come my men! I can see them running in fear, we have almost won!"

Hisen: "We are right behind you sir! They seem to be retreating!"

Rillac: "Gather the forces and eliminate the last and save the innocence, this is the beginning of a new world!"

Nothany: "But sir, where is Sakura?!"

Rillac: "She is ahead, but she will be... MEN RUN! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!"

Nothany: "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!?!"

Rillac: "JUST R......."


Officials Building: Date; April 5th-12:00am, 2228

Sakura: "Vult.. you cannot, you simply cannot!"

Vult-r: "Just watch me Sakura, but before I do, i don;t think you have learned just what my wrath can do!"

He beat Sakura to a pulp, using the magic of the gods to smite her in her pitiful state. She was powerless, against someone who had become twice as strong as she ever was... And with the least moment, Vult-r enters the helicopter, and flees the building, and Aevenia.  Sakura summons the last of her strength the stand up, as the bomb starts the final countdown. She was smart... she knew that the size of the bomb was large enough to destroy anything within a 300 mile radius... Sakura warns Rillac with the spell of Heaven's Judgement, and falls to the ground. 

Rillac: "She is ahead, but she will be... MEN RUN! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!"

Nothany: "WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!?!"

Rillac: "JUST R......."

It was too late...


Please continue the story from here, play the server and find out what happens next!

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